Welcome to Maison 10.

Maison 10 has been a labour of love for both of us. From the minute we first walked up the driveway and saw the house, garden and breathtaking surroundings, we knew it was something truly special. With the help of friends and family, we worked on getting Bellevue (the little cottage next to the house) habitable - giving us a base from which to embark on the huge project of bringing the house to life. Two years later, and Maison 10 is open for business as a retreat venue!
I have always had a passion for health and wellbeing, and in 2014 after 18 years of working in fast paced and stressful corporate environments, I took the plunge to follow a different path.  I yearned to help people in stressful work environments care for their minds and bodies, so became a freelance consultant, working in the mindfulness and wellbeing space. 
As part of this work, I co-led and advised on the All Party Parliamentary group (APPG) on Mindfulness in the workplace. Following growing evidence and breakthroughs in the use of mindfulness to improve performance and combat depression, stress and mental health issues, the group was set up to increase awareness of how mindfulness can benefit society and develop recommendations accordingly for government and business. This led to other wellbeing work, such as supporting on Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Smart campaign.

Then in 2015, Simon and I fell upon Maison 10. A true gem, and one where we could bring together our passions in one place. For me, that meant being able to make a difference by creating an inspiring, healing and nurturing environment for others to benefit from.  For Simon, it meant having peaceful surroundings to counteract a busy job and, most importantly, having the right space to bring his photography and creative wood and metal working passions alive (much of which you will see in and around the house).  Maison 10 also provided him with some wonderful clear night skies to set up his observatory and enjoy some star gazing.

We very much look forward to sharing the peace and tranquility we have found at Maison 10.
Sarah and Simon Post


Nyons town